Amanda’s Home Tour: Home Office

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I started working from home due to COVID. I’ve been fortunate to have a separate room in my home that can be used for a home office. I’ve finally hit a point that makes me very happy to be in this space for 8-10 hours a day.

The room I have my home office in is about 10′ x 11′ with a window and 2 doors. The primary purpose of the office is a place to be productive, but also to be creative or work out. I’ve managed to do this by essentially dividing the room in half. One half is focused on work, the other is focused on “play.”

Home Office Decor: bookshelf, chaise lounge, home workout

The “play” half of the office is one that I’ve tried hard to make visually simple, but well organized. Going from left to right, I have an Ikea bookcase (unavailable anymore but this is similar) that houses all of my books, planner supplies, some photos, a unicorn nightlight (a gift from a coworker), my Peruvian llama, a Harry Potter wand, and a vase that belonged to my grandmother. The Kallax shelf holds my printers and cutting machine. There is craft supplies in the top row, and other office supplies or workout gear along the bottom row.

I haven’t figured out a better way to store the little workout gear I have at home, but that sits nexts to the Kallax. Lastly I have a chaise (similar) that I lay in when I want to take a break or hang outr. I’ve kept the walls pretty simple with a cork board with some of my favorite memories (photos, pins, stickers), and my medal hanger (DIY tutorial).

The work half is more simple. I pulled inspiration from this pin to have one long Ikea tabletop on 2 Alex drawers (this one). These Ikea picture ledges hold various photos, prints, my diploma, and some legos. The print is from Etsy in a large Michaels frame.

This half is actually my favorite. Not only because I spend most of my time looking at it, but because I love the view I’ve created for myself. It’s the perfect mix of peace and productivity and it easily lets me get in the zone at work.

If you’re working from home, what does your space look like? Let us know in the comments or tag us on Instagram.

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