Erica’s Home Office Tour

Erica sits at the desk in her home office

Welcome to my workspace! Today I’m giving a home office tour and inviting you into the space where I work from home, do a lot of my crafting, and occasionally work out. This is the smallest bedroom in our house, but it works hard. It’s one of my favorite rooms because it’s on the front of the house and has a huge arched window that lets in a ton of natural light. I’m like a sunflower-always looking for sunlight. It makes my soul happy.

My desk area is in the opposite corner from the room’s entrance. I have it facing a wall to help me focus. All the pieces decorating the desk (and this room in general, actually) are super personal to me. The money tree was a Christmas gift from my brother- and sister-in law. The leopard print lamp was from my childhood bedroom, which had a badass jungle theme. The photos above the desk are my grandparents’ wedding photos. And I made the desk myself! It’s a variation on the hairpin leg table DIY we posted a few weeks ago.

Erica's home office tour - desk space

On the wall on the righthand side of the desk are bookshelves that hold my design, business/self improvement, and faith-focused books, along with some art and tchotchkes I feel represent me. The figurative print is from an artist I love, Teil Duncan. The sunset print on the bottom left is a watercolor of the Thames I picked up on a trip to London. The small painting on the upper left was done by a friend. The bouquet of flowers is my dried wedding bouquet in a vase I found at a flea market.

bookshelves in Erica's home office

Coming around on the right of the bookshelf wall is a cheap little loveseat I got at Target and dressed up with some throw pillows and a cute blanket, also from Target. The middle pillow has a scene from Pride and Prejudice on it and is from an Etsy shop called Storiarts. The floor lamp was a hand-me-down from a friend, but I think it’s from IKEA. I made the painting above the couch.

Erica's home office tour - seating area

On the entry side, there is an awkward space between the door to the closet and the entrance to the room. Right now I’ve got an old IKEA Expedit unit there as storage to try to hide our modem and router. That also serves as my “books to be read” shelf. Eventually I’d like to get something cuter and less visually cluttered for that space, but I’ve been really indecisive about it. One thing I do love, though, is the painting above the shelves. It’s by one of my favorite artists, a local Austin painter named Arielle Austin.

A bookshelf in Erica's home office

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed my home office tour and maybe found some decor inspiration. I love seeing how other people decorate their homes so I can get ideas for my own. Check us out on social media for more regular updates about our shenanigans. You can also sign up for our email list to get exclusive content and updates about new posts!

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