Erica’s Sustainability Check-In

A photo taken from a hill overlooking the Champlain valley in Vermont

You probably know by now that living more sustainably is a goal I’m always working towards. We’ve done a series about sustainable swaps we’ve made in the kitchen, in our toiletries, and in my cleaning routine, as well as discussing how to build a sustainable wardrobe. It’s been a while since some of those posts rolled out. This is an ongoing process, so today I’m checking in on my sustainability journey and some of the new things I’ve adopted since sharing our older posts.

In the Kitchen

  • We compost now! Composting is huge because it allows food to break down properly, vs. decomposing in landfills where it releases greenhouse gases. We have curbside composting through our city utilities. If we didn’t, I would want to try out a countertop compost solution like Lomi.
  • We’ve discovered that our silicone bowl lids make great covers for microwaving food to protect from splattering. We used to use wax paper every time.
  • I use a reusable oil sprayer instead of buying disposable spray cans every time.
  • I use silicone baking mats instead of parchment paper when I’m baking most things.
  • I bought this silicone popsicle mold so we can make our own popsicles!
  • I just ordered this reusable coffee filter.
  • When I run out of cupcake liners, I’m going to buy these silicone cupcake molds.


  • I switched to Native deodorant from Meow Meow Tweet because my skin started randomly reacting to MMT. Greg still loves the Meow Meow Tweet though! Native has been working really well for me.
  • I started using Axiology lip-to-lid balmies for blush. I want to try one of the highlighters next.
  • I’ve been using and loving Meow Meow Tweet’s geranium and frankincense body oil as a hair oil on the ends of my hair to keep it hydrated.


  • I’ve been trying to buy my books used, unless the book is by a member of a marginalized community that I want to support with my money.
  • I’ve by trying to buy things in larger quantities (bulk shopping for the win!) to cut down packaging waste if there isn’t a package-free option.
  • I’ve been trying to be conscious of the transportation chains needed to get the products I buy to me, because they are a major contributor to my purchases’ carbon footprint. If I can group errands and buy something in store rather than having it shipped to me individually, I’m trying to do that. I’m also trying to lump purchases together as much as possible.

I hope this gave you some ideas or inspiration for your own sustainability journey! What are your favorite sustainability swaps, tips, and tricks? We’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below or on social media!

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