Felt Flower Tutorial

I was starting to write a post about seasonal wreaths, but then realized that I should share how to create felt flowers as a prerequisite because I use them in a lot making my wreaths. As a result, we’re sharing a felt flower tutorial this week, and then three weeks from now we’ll be sharing a post about seasonal wreaths. Check back on our DIY page for that update!

Making felt flowers is pretty easy, and I think it’s really fun. Today I’ll share how to make three different kinds of flowers, plus an option for adapting one of the methods to get a slightly different final look. All you’ll need to make these are some fabric scissors, sheets of felt, and a hot glue gun. Optional materials that will make this ever so slightly easier are cardstock and/or graphing paper to make petal templates, but you could do it all freehand.


The first kind of flower I created is probably the most complicated, so if you get the hang of this it’s smooth sailing. To make felt roses, start with a circular piece of felt. Then cut in a spiral starting from the outside and working your way in. Make the edges wavy; this will help them be more petal-like once you assemble the rose. Make sure to leave an uncut patch in the center. This is what you’ll use as the base of the rose.

Cut a wavy circle out of felt

Starting from the center, wrap your spiral around itself, getting gradually wider with each rotation. Glue periodically to hold everything in place.

Wrap the circle on itself to make the rose

Once you’re done wrapping you’ll have a rudimentary rose shape.

Rose once wrapping is complete

I wanted to add a little more texture at this stage to make the rose look more realistic, so I cut two heart shapes out of felt and folded them in half. I kept the fold imperfect so that I would get more texture from each heart. Then I glued these to the center of the rose.

Glue felt hearts in the center of the rose to add more petal texture

Finally, add a little more texture by cutting flat petal shapes from felt and gluing them to the back of the rose.

Glue petal shapes to the back of the rose


For the second type of flower, I was going for anemones, but what I made came out looking more like a daisy. I think it would look more like an anemone if you made the petal shapes shallower than I did.

Start by making petals. I traced mine on graph paper to make a template which would help ensure all the petals were the same. You could freehand it if you don’t have any graph paper. I started by tracing pentagons, then rounded off the corners when I cut out the felt. I traced three different sizes to play with the proportions, but only used two of them for my final flower.

trace petal shapes

Cut out your petals and a base (you can also use a scrap piece of felt as the base like I did), then attach your petals around the base. Start with the largest layer of your petals, then add a smaller round on top of that.

Attach your petals to your base, starting with the largest petals

Finally, to make the center of the flower, cut out a circular piece of felt large enough to cover the ends of all your last row of petals. Fray the edges slightly by cutting small slits all the way around.

Cut a circle of felt to be the center of the flower

Glue the frayed circle to the center of your flower. To get the layered center like a anemone, follow this step two more times, making your circles slightly smaller each time. You’ll want your largest and smallest circles to be a dark color like black or blue, and the middle circle can be the same color as your flower petals.

Completed felt anemone


The last flower I made is designed to look like a dahlia. To make them, cut out a bunch of small felt hearts.

Cut out felt hearts to make dahlia petals

Next, fold the hearts in half and glue them shut. Then glue them in rounds on a central base, You’ll need to do a few layers to build up the dahlia. You’ll probably also want to do the same thing in the center as we did with the folded hearts in the center of the felt rose.

Fold the hearts in half and glue them to piece of base felt

This will give you dahlias with rounded petal edges. You can make another variation by cutting pentagons instead of hearts. Then, instead of folding them in half, you’ll just fold the outer edges in and glue them in the center of the pentagon. Glue the folded pentagons around a base like you did with the heart version, and you’ll have a dahlia with more pointed petals. you can see both dahlia variations in the picture of my Valentine wreath below. the white flowers are the heart dahlias and the light pink ones are the pentagon dahlias.

Valentine wreat

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