Fun Date Night Ideas (COVID-Friendly)

Homemade Margaritas for a fun date night idea

Coming up with new/fun date night ideas can be challenging. Add the twist of a pandemic and the typical “dinner and dancing” becomes less practical. Fear not, here are some fun date night ideas, all COVID-friendly.

1. Have a Picnic

Going on a picnic is a great way to get out of the house while getting some quality time with food. You can order meals to go or pack your own in a classic picnic basket (I love this one from West Elm). Find a quieter area in the park, take a seat, and enjoy! Pro tip: Get a waterproof blanket to sit on to prevent any possible wet areas in the grass.

2. Private Movie Screening

I did this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it was easily the best gift I got him. You can rent out a whole theater from Cinemark for as low as $100, depending on the movie. Masks are required in the theater unless you’re eating or drinking, but no one will be coming in or out except your party. They sanitize the theater between parties, but you can also wipe down any surfaces you touch when you go in. 10/10 highly recommend.

3. S’mores and Pizza Night

No fire pit? No problem! With this personal fireplace, you have the perfect tool to make s’mores indoors. If you’re in Austin, check out Jester King Brewery or HomeSlice Pizza for some delicious dinner that is easily prepared in the oven with little clean up afterward.
(Caution: Always be safe with things that are on fire – keep a fire extinguisher nearby and monitor the flame until it’s fully extinguished).

4. Themed Movie Night

Jazz up a movie night by making the entire evening themed around that movie. Make some snacks that are themed for that movie and enjoy your delicious treats while being entertained in a fantasy world. Some popular themes might be: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, or Marvel. (These would go great if you plan to binge watch any of these series too!)

5. “Target Challenge”

For those not on TikTok, the “Target Challenge” is the idea of going into Target and buying a set list of things without your partner seeing. Some ideas could be “my favorite color” or “something that reminds you of me” and my partner would pick out those things for me. Here’s my list for the perfect Target Challenge Date Night:
– A movie to watch
– An activity we can do together
– My favorite movie snack
– My favorite drink
– Something I need

Head to Target, purchase your items separately, come back together at home and enjoy your movie (or activity) and snacks!

6. Be Your Own Bartender

Many restaurants in Austin have been doing to-go drinks or drink kits. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend the El Arroyo Margarita Kits or Chuy’s pre-mixed margaritas (I’ve mentioned Chuy’s before – highly recommend). Mix up your drinks at home, order some dinner, and enjoy some adult beverages safely without the risk of drunk driving or catching COVID. Another option would be to make your own cocktail. Try creating something with flavors inspired by a movie, book, character, etc. This would be a great tie in to a themed movie night!

7. Find a New Hiking Trail

This idea primarily works if you have places within driving distance. Hiking is a great way to get outside for a bit, while still being COVID friendly (outdoors + easy to social distance). If you’re in Austin, check out Mount Bonnell, Barton Creek Greenbelt, or McKinney Falls State Park. Bring a mask in case you need to pass any fellow hikers, but many places will be pretty safe.

There you have it – 7 fun date night ideas. Let us know if you do any of these in the comments, or share some other ideas you’ve done in the past. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest from Paint the House Pink.

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