Homemade Art to Match Your Home

When I first moved into my house, I did a pretty awful job at decorating. I hung a few shelves, but never really added a lot of art to the walls or anything. This past year, I decided to decorate more, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money up front. The first step in addressing this was to make some homemade art for the walls.

I started with the living room, since that seemed like the easiest room to tackle. I have two walls available that didn’t have the TV on them. After thinking it over, and lots of browsing on Pinterest, I came up with a pair of state silhouette paintings. One for the state of Texas (where I currently live), and one for Connecticut (where I grew up). I printed the shapes out in about the size that I needed, traced them, and painted with silver because I felt like it matched the most.

I usually buy all of my supplies from Michaels, which frequently has sales on their canvases. For this particular project, I got 2 24″x36″ canvases and this silver metallic paint. During a buy 1 get 2 free deal, I was able to get 2 48″x60″ canvases and a 36″x48″ canvas for $120. I highly recommend taking advantage of sales to buy art supplies, as it can save a lot of money.

One day early into quarantine, I came up with the brilliant idea to paint something as a form of entertainment. Pink and navy are two of my favorite colors. Thinking about how I can tie them to my living room, I mixed those colors first. I started with the stripes, then added some lighter colors to add dimension, and ended up with the striped masterpiece you see above.

In retrospect, I wish I had kept in mind some of the pieces I saw on Pinterest to figure out ways to make my own spin on something. But overall, I’m very happy with how these came out and I’m looking forward to my next project – a piece for the wall in my entryway!

There you have it – the way I made homemade art to match the colors in my living room! Stay tuned for more home decor content, including some home tours, coming soon! Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for more Paint the House Pink content.

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