How to Install Cabinet Pulls

Welcome back! Today I have a really exciting project to share with you: installing cabinet pulls/handles. This is a project I’ve had on my radar for MONTHS and finally got around to doing it. One of the biggest reasons I pushed it off so long was because I was worried about the time/effort/skill it’d take to do it, but it was actually really easy. Here’s how I did it:

Tools needed:

Installing Cabinet Pulls

Step 1 is to count how many handles you’ll need. Count at least twice and learn from my mistake of not looking from multiple angles when counting because I ended up 3 short of what I needed and had to place a second order.

Step 2: Prep your cabinets by wiping them down with a damp cloth and waiting until theyre dry before moving forward.

Step 3: Use painters tape to line the front and back of your cabinet where you want your handle to go. This serves two purposes. The first is that it helps prevent splintering on the cabinet door. The second is, if your cabinets are a dark color like mine, it’ll be easier to see where your markings are for your holes.

Step 4: Eye out where you want your handles to go. Double check that you like the placement of the handle with the mounting template, or decide if you need to make a template of your own to hit the placement you want for your cabinet doors. Use a pencil to mark out where your holes should go based on the template (or otherwise).

Step 5: (somehow I didn’t get a picture of this) Drill holes into your cabinet doors where your marks are. Go slowly and try to keep your hand as steady and level as possible. Going slowly helps reduce splintering on the back side of the cabinet.

Step 6: Screw your handles to the cabinet door and repeat until all your cabinet doors are completed. Then boom, you’re all set!

Overall, I’d give myself a 7/10 in the installation of my cabinet handles. The end result wasn’t perfect (mainly due to my own impatience), it was a little tedious, but I really like the look of the handles on the cabinets.

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