Moving Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’ve moved a lot in my life… well at least as an adult. After moving to Austin from CT, I lived in 4 different apartments before buying a house. Therefore, I had at least 4 different moves to make with varying degrees of stuff. Along the way, I learned so many great things that make each move easier than the last. Follow along for the top 10 moving tips you didn’t know you needed.

Tip #1: Declutter before starting to pack. This especially goes if you are hiring movers to bring things from one place to another. Nothing is worse than coming up with 3-4 boxes of stuff to donate AFTER you’ve moved it. Check out my blog post on decluttering for some tips.

Tip #2: Document everything in a spreadsheet. Label your boxes with initials or numbers and use a spreadsheet to note what is in each box. Create a tab with new utility information (or utilities that need to be set up) as well as a tab of places your address needs to be updated. And create a tab for a moving day schedule to keep yourself on track with where you need to be when.

Tip #3: Measure everything. Twice. If you can visit your new home to take measurements before moving in, DO IT. This gives you an extra opportunity to plan ahead, especially if you’re buying new furniture. Or even if you’re moving your existing furniture. You can always change your layout after you move, but I always got some peace from planning things out ahead of time.

Tip #4: Make a “Move-In Day” Box. This is a box of everything you might need to access on move-in day. Think about including things like: dishes, utensils, dish soap, paper towels, cleaning supplies, hand soap, towels, toiletries, medication, a change of clothes, tools, valuables or important documents. This box should travel with you to your new home and be the most accessible on the big move day.

Tip #5: Code your boxes. This is one of the BIGGEST things that helped when moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a house. Being able to tell the movers that all the red tape boxes go in the kitchen, blue goes in the bathroom, etc made things so much easier. I no longer had to think about what went where if a box was in the wrong place because it clearly didn’t belong.

Tip #6: Use clear boxes. I bought a bunch of storage totes prior to my move that helped with multiple purposes after the move. While moving it’s great to be able to see through your boxes to know exactly what’s in them. The other big benefit is that they can be used for storage and organization after the move.

Tip #7: Do not overpack your boxes (also take advantage of unique “boxes”). Nothing is worse than putting all your books in one box and then finding out it’s too heavy to move. Take advantage of different household items to move things around. Put books in suitcases (with wheels) so they’re easier to move. Move clothes that are folded in hampers.

Tip #8: Use trash bags to move hanging clothes. This primarily works if you’re moving locally. Wrapping trash bags around your clothes and the hanger makes it so you don’t have to un-hang and re-hang all of those clothes. You can easily lay them in the back seat of a car, bring them to your new home, hang them back up in the closet and take the trash bags off.

Tip #9: Unpack the kitchen first, then the bedroom, then everything else. Hear me out on this one – nothing is worse than waking up on the day after your move to try to make a cup of coffee and you can’t because the kitchen isn’t unpacked. After the kitchen, you want to focus on the bedroom so you can sleep in a freshly made bed with clean sheets on your first night.

Tip #10: Photograph the space you’re moving out of before turning in your keys. This especially counts if you’re in a situation where you’re expecting deposits back. Having this documented evidence will help in the event you get charged for things that aren’t damaged. Also document photos of your new place before moving in if you have a similar situation.

There you have it! 10 moving tips you didn’t know you needed. Were any of these helpful to you? Leave us a comment to let us know! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more Paint the House Pink content!

P.S. Erica hopping in here with two tips of my own:

  1. Use sturdier clothing items like t-shirts and pajamas, as well as linens, to help protect breakables when you’re packing them. This adds insulation, helps pack a second thing you need to pack anyway, and can help keep boxes from getting too heavy.
  2. If you have any spare blankets and are moving without professional movers, save them to help protect furniture in your moving truck/van (similar to using moving pads). Just be careful not to do this with any sentimental blankets (I would NEVER use the blanket my aunt crocheted for me for this purpose).

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