My 2021 Goals and New Years Resolutions

I think we’re all a little thankful to see 2020 end and 2021 begin. I don’t usually set new years resolutions, but goals for the year instead. The reason for this is I feel that goals outline a “resolution” more thoroughly than just saying “I want to save more money in this year.”

The way I create these goals is by setting a big broad goal, and then break it down into particular tasks quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. This way I can keep an eye out on the broader goal via the specific tasks. Here’s how I’ve set up my “new years resolutions” and goals for 2021:

#1: Take better care of my house

I’m not a “dirty” person per se, but I definitely don’t clean as much as I could. My home is a reflection of how I’m doing: when it’s cluttered/dirty, I’m probably a mess; when it’s clean/organized, I’m thriving. I’ve broken down this goal into things I can do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually that will keep my space feeling clean and tidy.

Annual: clean the gutters, wash the windows, wash curtains, clean dryer vent, clean garage

Quarterly: wash duvet insert and pillows, deep clean of the house (clean baseboards, etc), change the air filter, inspect fire extinguishers, clean inside oven/fridge/freezer

Monthly: clean sink disposal, mop, vacuum vents, dust fans, clean dishwasher, clean washing machine, clean dryer

Weekly: vacuum, dust furniture, laundry, change sheets, wipe down all surfaces/appliances, clean mirrors

Daily: make bed (a big one for me, I never make my bed), wash dishes, wipe down kitchen counters/sink, tidy rooms as you leave them

#2: Save $10,000 for a new car

This one is pretty basic in terms of how I can track success because it’s a matter of percentages. How close am I to hitting my goal? The way I’m documenting this one for myself is in the form of a drawing in my bullet journal. One square of a box is $100. I need to fill 100 boxes to document reaching my goal.

The way I break this down to a monthly view is simple: $10,000 / 12 = $834. I need to save $834 per month to reach this goal. Watching my budget spreadsheet, I can shift money within my budget categories to make sure I’m saving enough. Essentially, I plan to create a sinking fund for it this year (and hope to purchase in 2022).

Also, the current car I have my eye on is a Tesla Model 3. Erica’s review on electric car ownership convinced me that I want my next car to be electric. This may change if Ford comes out with a fully electric Escape, but for now they only have a plug-in hybrid option (which is basically a gas car with a larger battery).

#3: Rediscover my love of running

This one is a little more challenging to track because it’s more of a “feeling” goal than a logistics goal. Running and I have a complicated relationship. I have a long-term goal of running the 6 world major marathons, but 2020 definitely put a wrench in that plan with a knee injury. Knowing I’m essentially starting from 0 again, here’s how I’m breaking this goal down:

Annual: Plan out races. I have a 10k in April, assuming it doesn’t get COVID cancelled. The other big race I have my eye on is a half marathon in December. I have a lottery entry in for a Marathon that takes place in October, but I’m not expecting to win. (The lottery entry means I’m entered into the lottery for this race, which will pick winners in January. Winners of the lottery get to pay to enter the race.)

Quarterly: Time Trials on a 2 mile run (I don’t have a set target for this, but the point of this is to document my times for a 2 mile run every quarter to see my progression).

Monthly: Create a running plan for the month that outlines specific workouts I want to do on specific days (i.e. I usually do spring workouts on Tuesdays).

Weekly: Weekly mileage goals. This will start low to start (10 or less), but as I run more and prepare for a half marathon, it’ll increase (up to 50 miles/week). Setting a weekly mileage goal helps me stay focused on my daily workouts to ensure I hit these goals.

Daily: The motto of my running group is JFR (Just F****ing Run), so this is my goal every day. Getting out for a few miles (even walking) is going to help me reach this goal.

In Conclusion…

Those are my 3 major new years resolutions. I’ve found breaking down big lofty new years resolutions into smaller, more time sensitive goals helps me manage them better, helping me find success in the end. What are you hoping to accomplish in the next year? How are you breaking it down to achieve success? Let us know in the comments!

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