Office Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

You know those people who LOVED back to school season, but only for buying school supplies? That’s me. My first job ever was at a Staples. In adulthood, this directly explains my love and passion for office supplies.

Work From Home Essentials

Laptop Stand – It took me way too long to actually get one of these, but it definitely resulted in less strain on my neck during the day. My office doesn’t really have space for a standing desk, so this is also a great way to make sure I’m not hunched over a laptop all day. (Also critical for this – a keyboard and a mouse).

Monitor – I picked up this HP monitor a few years ago when I needed a fairly cheap one for work and it’s held up wonderfully over the last 5 years. Highly recommend.

Notebook – I’ve raved about the Leuchttrum 1917 notebooks before for bullet journaling but they’re also a great general thing to have around your office to jot down any type of notes. The paper is thick enough to withstand a heavy hand (or a bold tip pen, but who uses those), but isn’t so bulky that it’s not fun to write on.

Crafting Tools

Silhouette Cameo – This cutting machine is AMAZING for different craft projects. You can make stickers, vinyl cutouts (monogram all the things), vinyl transfers for t-shirts. SO. MANY. IDEAS. I personally have the Cameo 4, which comes with a 12″x12″ cutting mat that serves almost all of my needs.

Slice Cutter – This is essentially a safer Xacto knife. You wouldn’t know just by looking at it but it’s just as sharp for thin materials (vinyl and paper). Highly recommend, especially if you have kids around that may get into things they shouldn’t.


Yes, a full category for pens – the best ones are a fine tip gel pens. I’ve tested a TON and these are the top 3:

Muji Gel Pens (.38 mm) – These are the best of the best. They write smoothly, last forever, and are super inky.

Papermate InkJoy Gel (.5mm) – Second best of the best. They’re more easily accessible than Muji pens (aka on Amazon and you don’t have to go to a Muji store to get them), but they can get a little skippy in the middle.

Pocketo Pens – These technically aren’t a gel pen but they act like one. I received these as a gift and LOVE them. My only criticism is that they don’t have a clip so carrying them around can be a little annoying.

What office supplies do you nerd over? Let us know in the comments!

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