On Fighting Racism.

A place to start:

Anti-Racism Resources

As bloggers who benefit from white privilege, we don’t always know what to say when talking about race issues. We don’t ever want to come off has having a white savior complex or make anyone feel that their voice is being silenced by ours. But what we want to say is this: We are here, we are with you, and we are taking action to fight racial injustice. Equality and equity are so important to us, and we want to help in the fight towards true equality. We believe this can be accomplished without violence.

One particular resource we want to call out from the list above is this: 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice. We invite you to join us in taking action against systemic racism, police brutality, and racial injustice. We will be posting on instagram some of the actions we are taking and we hope you join us.


As we’ve gotten further into digging into this topic, we’re understanding there is a huge opportunity to make an impact by supporting BIPOC-owned businesses. There are a ton of lists coming out to help find businesses, influencers, designers, makers, authors, etc. to support. We wanted to aggregate all the lists we’ve been bookmarking in case they’re helpful for someone else. This absolutely is not an exhaustive list. If you have a list you think should be added here, please shoot us the link at blog@paintthehousepink.com!

Also, putting in a personal plug for one of my (Erica’s) favorite artists-Arielle Austin. If you’re local to Austin, she periodically leads abstract painting classes at Silk and Sage Design studio. I attended one last year, and it was a lovely, peaceful, creative afternoon. I could not recommend it more. If you’re too far away for classes, please check out her work on her website and Instagram.

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