Our 2020 Etsy Gift Guide

Etsy 2020 gift guide

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I (Erica) have gotten really into Etsy this year. I’ve been shopping online to stay out of public places, and I’m trying to shop small businesses as much as possible. I’ve made a lot of purchases on Etsy in 2020 and have a lot more in my favorites list, so when Etsy invited us to create a gift guide for the 2020 season I thought it sounded super fun.

This gift guide is a combination of things we’ve purchased and loved, things which are on our own wish lists, and a handful of things we’ve found while browsing that just sound fun. I also recently discovered that Etsy buys carbon offsets for shipping for everything sold through their platform, which is awesome. One of the sustainability things that has been on my mind recently is the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and transporting the things that I buy. I like that this helps make it even easier to shop from small makers and keep sustainability in mind. I know carbon offsets aren’t a 100% perfect solution, but it makes me feel even better about buying through Etsy.

For more Etsy inspiration, check out their own gift guides. I particularly love all the personalization options offered by Etsy sellers, so the “Get Personalized” list is a great place to start.

Erica’s Etsy Picks:

  • Storiarts is a shop that makes cute tote bags, scarves, and gloves with passages from classic literature printed on them. I have have a pillow cover from this shop in my office that has a passage from Pride and Prejudice on it. It doesn’t look like they still have the pillow, but there is a scarf version which is also super cute! I’m also considering the Night Circus gloves since that’s my favorite book of all time.
  • I found this shop called DaintyShack that has cute, delicate necklaces. I bought this bee necklace this summer. I’m working on building a necklace stack with a bee, a key, and a sword, which is inspired by a book I read and loved earlier this year called The Starless Sea. I also have my eye on this tiny star necklace. This heart is adorable as well.
  • Stickers would be a fun stocking stuffer, and you can find some to fit just about any interest. I’m recently ordered this stack of books, this Gilmore Girls quote, and this cupcake sticker and am waiting for them to arrive in the mail.
  • My most recent purchase is this moon phases mobile from TheMindfulMobile. It’s currently hanging in an awkward corner in my dining room, and it’s a lovely addition. It drifts really gently in the draft from our air conditioner. Moon phase patterns are one of my current obsessions because I love how they remind me of the cycles of nature. It’s a gentle encouragement that when things seem bad, it will pass.
  • Speaking of moon phases, this tea towel is high up on my wishlist.
  • For a super personal gift, this custom cutting board would be really meaningful. You could have it engraved with a family recipe.
  • I’ve been curious to try one of the perfumes by a company called Color Noise, which has a range of perfumes inspired by different colors and settings. The rose gold blend sounds right up my alley. They also have scents inspired by instruments (piano is intriguing to me), landscapes (hello, beach!) and memories (birthday cake…yum.)
  • Keeping a salt cellar next to my stove has been one of the best things I’ve done to improve my cooking, I kid you not. This olive wood salt cellar is beautiful and would be great for any budding chefs in your life.

Amanda’s Etsy Picks:

  • I have a love for candles, but am actually notorious for leaving them burning when I shouldn’t. To alleviate that, I’m moving into wax melts, which uses a light bulb to warm the wax instead of fire. One of my favorite wax melt shops is Fantasy Wax Melts. Their Dreaming of You scent is the PERFECT lavender!
  • My favorite shop for planner dashboards is LilMissAllyPrints. Not only is the owner a wonderful person, her products are top notch. Even if you don’t have a planner, she has plenty of other options for things you can frame, hang on a cork board, or strategically place where you need a little more motivation. I just bought the Immigrants: We get the job done journaling card for my inspiration board.
  • Wander Plant Pots has AMAZING hand made planters. Located in Ohio and also owned by a really wonderful person invested in her community and environment.
  • HNIllustration is also another great print shop (for your planner or otherwise). I have two of her prints hanging at home, the running one and the baking one. She recently started adding printable so you can print your own or have printed professionally. I have my eye on her RBG print.
  • Last, but not least, if you’re a succulent lover, I got a great dinosaur succulent planter (with the succulent) from Kokedema Phoenix. I wanted a VERY specific color and the owner was more than happy to accommodate. 10/10 highly recommend, especially for dinosaur succulents.

Have you purchased something you loved from a maker on Etsy? We’d love to hear from you, either on social media or in the comments below 🙂

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