Our Spring Etsy Favorites

Erica's camera is dressed up with a multicolored floral camera strap purchased from Etsy

It’s definitely no secret that we love Etsy around here. My biggest pandemic indulgence has been buying jewelry from small shops, and I’ve found a lot of great pieces on Etsy. When Etsy invited us to make a spring favorites list, we got really excited. Mostly because it was an excuse to dig in and find more cool things. Here’s what we’re digging:

  • I love my floral camera strap – it’s way cuter than the generic strap that came with my camera, and it’s more comfortable to wear.
  • I’ve been crushing on jewelry that features raw gemstones lately. These hoop earrings and this ombre ring are both gorgeous.
  • This stained glass aloe vera is both beautiful and funny. It’s perfect for someone who loves plants but neglects them or who has a fur baby that will nibble their plant babies.
  • More stained glass-this orchid sun catcher is lovely. I like to hang things in my windows that cast colored light around the room. It makes the space instantly feel more joyful.
  • Two words: LLAMA PLANTER!!!
  • Another theme I’ve been into lately is sun and moon motifs. I have my eye on this sun signet ring and this moon phases garland.
  • This “I’m a Luxury” sweatshirt is a fun nod to Princess Diana.
  • This one’s more functional: I love layering necklaces, and I just discovered this clasp that will help keep them separate when I’m wearing multiple at once.
  • This shop makes gorgeous felt flower bouquets. I like that they won’t wither and die, and also that my cat is less likely to try to eat them. This one in particular speaks to me.
  • This jungle platter is cool and funky.
  • These pressed flower earrings are so pretty and would look great with a sundress.

What are your favorite finds and shops on Etsy? We love supporting small businesses and discovering new things. And shopping. That’s fun too. Let us know what you think, either in the comments below or on social media! And check out all our Etsy favorites here.

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