Seasonal Wreaths-Ideas and Tips

I’m not really big on seasonal decor. I mostly prefer to focus on one holiday and do that one really well, and for me that’s Christmas. With that said, I love having a seasonal wreath on my door. It brings me joy every time I come home, and swapping them out regularly keeps things fresh and interesting. I’ve made all my seasonal wreaths myself, so today I’m sharing some ideas and tips for how to create your own.

Spring wreath with synthetic flowers

My basic formula is wreath base + some kind of flower or foliage + accent object. You can use any kind of hoop-shaped object as a wreath base. My two favorites for non-Christmas wreaths are this ring and this grapevine wreath, which are both available from Michael’s. The grapevine wreaths are my absolute favorites because they add so much texture and they don’t slide around on my wreath hook much, but they’re more aesthetically suited for fall/winter than spring/summer. When I use the hoops, I like to color them somehow-I’ve tried spray paint and washi tape and liked both results. At Christmastime I use a synthetic pine wreath base that I bought at a craft store a few years ago.

Summer seasonal wreath

For flowers, you can either buy synthetic flowers from a craft store or make your own. If you go the pre-made route, keep in mind that you’ll need to plan a bit in advance. Craft stores are usually pretty far ahead of the actual season in terms of the seasonal items they have in stock. I’ve found that if I wait until I’m ready to trade out my wreath for the new season, the time to buy relevant flowers and other decor items is already past. If you want to make a wreath right away but can’t find flowers you like in a craft store, it’s fun to make your own. Two weeks ago we wrote a post about how to make felt flowers, so that’s a great place to get started.

Autumn seasonal wreath

Accent objects give you a lot of room to play. I’ve used wooden letters, fake berries, and plastic ornaments. The sky’s the limit here, so have fun! You also don’t have to use an accent object if that doesn’t fit the look you’re going for. When I use hoops as bases I usually don’t add an accent because I like the more minimalist look. In the hoop cases, though, I find I need to add some sort of leaf in addition to flowers because otherwise the wreaths feel like they’re missing something.

Once you have your base, flowers, and any accent objects picked out, try out different layouts before you glue everything onto the base. This gives you a chance to play with your components and figure out how they work best together. Then you just need to hot glue everything onto the base and you’re good to go!

Christmas seasonal wreath

I have one last tip about storing your wreaths. You can get wreath storage boxes on Amazon and Target if that’s your jam. I don’t have a great place to store boxes that ensures they’re easy to access on a regular basis. As an alternative, I just keep mine on clothes hangers and hang them in the closet of my home office/craft space. Depending on how much storage space you have available one solution may work better for you than the other, but I like the accessibility of the hanging option since I don’t need that closet space for clothes or anything.

Seasonal wreath storage

If you end up making any seasonal wreaths of your own we’d love to see what you come up with! You can connect with and tag us on Instagram, or follow us on Facebook. Please also sign up for our email newsletter to keep up to date on new blog posts!

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