Social Distancing Projects on Any Budget

Times are weird, y’all. There’s a lot going on in the world and, sometimes, I want to hide in a hole. As someone who likes lists, one of the things that keeps me grounded lately is a list of “social distancing” projects I’ve put off for the last few months (or things I’ve just wanted to do but haven’t had time). These are things that I can do on my own, involving mostly with things in my home or available online. Feel free to take any of these ideas for your own list, and share your list with us in the comments!

Social Distancing Projects to Consider:

  • Organize your digital files. Including your google drive, your laptop computer, delete old or duplicate photos, back up your hard drive, etc.
  • Declutter your home! Check out this post on the process I used to declutter my entire house.
  • Use up all of the crafting supplies you’ve been hoarding. I’m not sure about you, but I have at least 5 canvasses and lots of paint that are itching to be used.
  • Learn a language. I’m currently brushing up on Spanish using Duolingo, which I like for learning basic vocabulary.
  • Organize your pantry. I’m grocery shopping more frequently I have (not hoarding, just on a more regular cadence), so keeping an organized pantry has been key. We have a blog post with tips and tricks on how to do this coming soon.
  • Clean your baseboards. Because really, when was the last time you cleaned your baseboards?
  • Pick up a new hobby. A few bloggers I follow have started needlepoint and Carly the Prepster has a great post on it.

We know that times are uncertain, but hopefully this list of social distancing projects gives you lots of ideas of things to keep you busy. Let us know in the comments what you’re working on lately! And share photos with us on Instagram.

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