Sustainability Review: Vetta Classic Capsule

Vetta Cape Jumpsuit-cape in front

I recently found a new-to-me sustainable brand called Vetta which I’m currently obsessed with. Vetta makes clothes that are designed to work together in a capsule collection of five pieces. Many of the pieces can be worn multiple ways, and sometimes parts of them button off to change the look or attach to other pieces in a capsule. As a result, five pieces can turn into over thirty outfits. I LOVE this concept and the versatility it offers. Vetta also uses sustainable fabrics, which is another big thing for me. I bought two of their pieces at the end of April and loved them so much I bought a third at the end of May. They were all from the same collection, so today I decided to share my review of the Vetta classic capsule (minus the two pieces I didn’t buy). I also want to clarify that this post is NOT SPONSORED-I just genuinely love this brand, and am hoping that my review might help anyone considering it get a better idea of how the pieces fit.

For reference on measurements-I’m 5′ 8″ and somewhere between 150 and 160 pounds (I honestly don’t know my exact weight). Vetta uses three main measurements-bust, waist, and hips. I’m 40″, 32″, and 41″ in these measurements, respectively. I ordered a medium in the shirt and shorts and a size 10 in the jumpsuit and was very happy with the fit.

The review:

First up is the cape jumpsuit. This was actually the third piece that I bought because I wasn’t sure about the cape, but now it’s my favorite piece. I often have a hard time with things that are really flowy in the sleeves. My shoulders and hips are wider than my waist, so too much volume on top tends to make me look heavier than I am. The drape on the cape of this jumpsuit is gorgeous, though, and super flattering. You can wear it with the cape in the front, like in the cover photo of this post, or turn it around and wear it as a v-neck in the front, like in the photo below.

The cape jumpsuit-cape in back

The top also buttons off completely so you can wear the pants with a different shirt. This is a common theme with Vetta pieces like dresses and jumpsuits-the tops often button off so you can wear the skirt or pants separately. The tops also button on to other pieces in the capsule. I was a little worried about being able to do the buttons without help, but they were pretty manageable. Here’s a close-up of the buttons on the inside the jumpsuit top:

buttons inside jumpsuit top

Here are the pants worn with a different top from the Vetta classic capsule, the girlfriend shirt:

Vetta classic capsule girlfriend shirt

The girlfriend shirt can be worn with the V in the front, or turned around with the V in the back and more of a boat-neck in the front. One note on the girlfriend shirt-I will probably have it altered in two places. The first will be to tighten the arm a bit-it has a seam along the top, so on me the top of the sleeve stuck up at a point. I have it pinned in these pictures, and I’ll probably do the alteration myself since it just needs a few stiches on the inner arm part of the sleeve. The second thing I might change is having the shirt taken in a bit around the armpit/bust region. This is more of a personal preference-my shoulders are fairly wide so I usually have to buy shirts on the looser side. That way they fit in the shoulders, and I can have them taken in everywhere else.

The shirt has a really lovely white and off-white stripe pattern that I’m particularly excited about. I think this combo will help me match the shirt to some trickier pieces in my closet that don’t go well with stark white tops. Here is a close-up of the pattern for reference:

Close-up of Vetta girlfriend shirt pattern

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about with wearing the V in the back:

Girlfriend shirt V in back

In the photo above, I’m wearing the girlfriend shirt with the two-piece wrap skort, again from the Vetta classic capsule. The skort is a pair of shorts with an optional wrap piece to wear over it. You can wear the wrap in the front for a more casual skirt, or in the back for a pencil style. I love that I don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction if the wrap shifts because it has the shorts underneath. The fabric is also light enough that wearing the shorts didn’t create any weird lines or anything. Here is the skirt wrapped in the front:

Vetta classic capsule two-piece wrap skort with girlfriend shirt

And here it is with just the shorts:

wrap skort-shorts only

The shorts also have buttonholes on the inside so you can button the top of the jumpsuit onto them to make a romper:

button holes inside Vetta shorts

Final thoughts:

I got the girlfriend shirt in the white stripe, the skort in washed navy, and the jumpsuit in black. The jumpsuit and girlfriend shirt are also availabe in the washed navy color, and the skort is available in black. The Vetta classic capsule also includes a dress (available in the white stripe and washed navy) and a white cropped blouse.

Last but not least, a quick note on the fabric. All these pieces are made from Tencel, which is a soft, lightweight rayon made from renewable wood pulp sources (traditional rayon is tough on the environment because it requires wood pulp to produce). Because it is made from natural fibers, Tencel is compostable and biodegradable, so its end of life is better for the planet than synthetic fibers which won’t break down. You can find out more about Tencel here.

The one thing to keep in mind with a natural fiber like Tencel is it can wrinkle fairly easily. I steam my Vetta pieces after washing them to get the wrinkles out. For me this is worth it because of the sustainability element, but if wrinkles drive you completely bonkers it’s a useful thing to know before purchasing.

Have you tried the Vetta classic capsule or any of the brand’s other pieces before? Do you have any other sustainable brands we should check out? I’m always on the hunt for new sustainable finds, so hit us up on social media or in the comments below. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get notifications about new content, and keep an eye out for other sustainability posts! Our electric car ownership six month review and list of sustainable brands I’m trying now posts are a great place to start.

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