Travel Bucket List – 10 Places I Want to Visit

Despite my lack of travel in 2020, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love visiting new places, exploring the history and atmosphere of somewhere I’ve never been. Sometimes I fall in love with places I visit (a la Copenhagen), but usually it’s just a fun adventure. Here’s what on my travel bucket list for the next 2 years:


Charleston, SC – Erica has talked about her trip to Charleston a few times and every time it seems like more and more of a fun place to visit, also I’ve never been! If you’ve been, let me know some must visit places in the comments.

Chicago, IL – Despite all the layovers I’ve had in Chi-town, I’ve never actually visited! Thankfully it’s a World Major Marathon, so the end goal is to run Chicago at some point, which will give me a great tour of the city.

Lima, Peru – This is kind of a cheat because I’ve been to Peru, but I was 11 so does it really count? Fun fact, did you know Lima is one of the best foodie cities in the world? It’s been high on my radar for the last few months, but learning that pushed it to the top 10.


Tokyo, Japan – This is another World Major Marathon destination. Unfortunately, they closed the Tokyo Marathon to only Japan residents this year, and COVID is still a major problem in the country. Here’s to hoping for 2022!

Bali, Indonesia – My love for travel may be genetic – my family loves to travel together. My mom and her siblings would go on trips all over the world and we’re working on it as the next generation. Current top pick amongst the cousins is Bali. Will keep y’all posted on how it plays out.


Cairo, Egypt – This is a quiet one that I added to my list after taking AP Latin (stick with me, I know). Part of that education touched on the Seven Wonders of the ancient world that led me to be seriously intrigued by the Great Pyramids. I’ve never told anyone about this, but now I’m telling y’all.

Cape Town, South Africa – Growing up with au pairs (basically a nanny from a foreign country), I got a decent amount of exposure to other countries and cultures. One au pair, Kate, came from Cape Town and told some interesting stories. Hoping to visit her one day with this on the list.


Stockholm, Sweden – After running the Berlin Marathon, I was between visiting Stockholm and Copenhagen. In my usual indecisiveness, I put it to a vote on Instagram and my friends picked Copenhagen. Stockholm is still high on the list (along with Oslo, but I only have room for one here).


Malta – I had a conversation with a friend recently about obscure places to visit. Greece is pretty high on my list (give me that Mamma Mia moment, minus the baby), but Malta seems to be overlooked as a travel destination.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

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