Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for cookies. Give them out as valentines to your friends or family, serve them at a party, or make them for yourself! I wanted to share some easy Valentine’s Day cookie ideas I’m using to give out cookies to some friends.

For these cookies, I used my Best Soft Cut Sugar Cookies Ever recipe and a 15s white royal icing for the base of the cookie, and then used edible ink markers and a stiff consistency royal icing in red to use for writing/designs. Haniela’s Cookies has a great video on royal icing consistencies. Edible ink markers like these are AMAZING for writing on cookies, especially if you want to decorate cookies with kids.

Unlike my Holiday Cookie Idea post, these cookies will focus on very easy/simple designs that will help you refine some skills fo future cookie ideas!

Script Writing

Script writing on cookies is a great way to perfect a cookie skill that allows you to do other designs. Love is an easy word because it has a few loops that require you to plan your space accordingly. The key with script writing is to make sure your piping tip is the right size for the cookie you’re working with. A size 1 or size 2 piping tip would be the best for this type of writing.

To practice this: practice holding the piping bag steady, using one hand to control squeezing the output and the other to guide the tip. Practice on parchment paper before starting on your cookie until you feel comfortable. Also consider starting with single letters (like your initials) before moving on into words.

Block Lettering

Now that you’ve perfected control over your icing, you can perfect basic block lettering. Similar to script, you’ll hold your piping bag in a way that allows you to have control over the icing coming out. What makes block lettering different from script lettering is that you want to create the separation between the letters. The way you do this is by dropping the tip and cutting off pressure at the end of your letter. Looking at the L in “LOVE U” you can see the “tail” of my piping top from me cutting off that pressure.

Also, if you want to be sassy, “UR OK” and “YOU’LL DO” make some great sassy cookie designs.

Using Edible Ink Markers

Edible ink markers are the easiest way to decorate cookies. The beauty of it is that it’s fairly accessible for anyone who can write and great for kids (and way cleaner than teaching them how to use piping bags). One tip is to use a light hand to avoid having the tip go through the icing crust. Also, practice your letter spacing so you don’t end up losing lettering chicken like I did in “Valentine’s.”

There you have it – some simple and easy Valentine’s Day cookie ideas! If you do any of these, post a photo on Instagram and tag us!

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