What’s On My Mind 1.16.21

Erica wearing mini crown hoop earrings

Happy Saturday! I feel like I start most of my “What’s On My Mind” posts with “Happy Saturday,” but I’m usually really glad it’s the weekend so sorry, not sorry. Saturday is my favorite day of the week because it’s usually the day I bake just for fun. Which is a great segue into the first thing I’m loving this week…

  • One of my favorite sources of baking recipes is a blog called Grandbaby Cakes. Her recipes always turn out delicious, and her Instagram is also a breath of fresh air. I’m making her Baileys Chocolate Bundt Cake this afternoon, and I also just got her cookbook and I’m very excited to start baking from it.
  • I’m always on the hunt for new vegan recipes (I try to cook 1/3 vegan, 1/3 vegetarian, and 1/3 with meat for sustainability reasons), and these mango “burrito” bowls with crispy tofu and peanut sauce from Cookie + Kate are my latest win. Tofu gets a bad rap because everyone things of it as bland and mushy, but I think it’s delicious when it’s crisped and well seasoned. The idea of tofu burrito bowls has completely changed how I think of our vegan nights.
  • Samin Nosrat is one of my culinary heroes (I swear Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat changed how I cook). I could listen to her talk about food forever, so I was delighted to discover her podcast, Home Cooking. It’s like a big hug.
  • I just bought these mini crown earrings and they’re adorable. I’m completely obsessed with Nina Berento jewelry.
  • Another thing I do for sustainability reasons-I make our bread any time I can instead of buying it to avoid the plastic bags store-bought bread comes packaged in. I’ve been looking for a good naan recipe, and I finally found this one that worked well for me.
  • One of my favorite winter comfort foods is borscht, which is a type of beet soup. It’s another thing that gets a bad rap, and it’s not glamorous. 90s kids will likely remember the episode of Rugrats where one of the kids (I think Chuckie?) gets sprayed by a skunk and the parents try bathing him in borscht to get the smell out. For me, though, it reminds me of a really meaningful trip I took to Ukraine the summer after I graduated college. I’ve tried a bunch of different borscht recipes, but this short rib version by a restaurant in Brooklyn is my new favorite.
  • Another jewelry purchase-I’m working on building a necklace stack of a bee, key, and sword. It’s inspired by a necklace worn by one of the characters in The Starless Sea. I already had a bee necklace, and I just bought this sword necklace. I just need the key to complete the stack.
  • We have awkward wire shelving in our pantry, and cereal boxes don’t fit easily on the shelves. The boxes are taller than the distance from the top of one shelf to the lip on the next one. I started using these storage containers for cereal and snacks, and they fit much more nicely on the shelves. Sometimes fixing a minor inconvenience that you deal with daily makes a huge impact!

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