What’s on My Mind 1.9.2021

Well… What a first full week of 2021! Let’s chat about what’s been happening lately.

  1. The 2020 Election. I’d be remiss to not talk about the attack on our Democracy that we saw this week. For the last 2 months we’ve seen lawsuit after lawsuit, lie after lie, and it culminated in a storm of events that can only be described as un-American. To see the President turn on his Vice President because he didn’t bend to his wishes, to see people storm the Capitol and defile the people’s house, to see the Capitol police treat the rioters in the Capitol with more respect than they ever showed BLM protesters in the summer. It’s shameful. I stayed up to watch the electoral college votes be certified, giving me a little sense of relief, and hope that we can move forward. For some resources on fighting racism, check out our blog post from May.
  2. Netflix Departures and Arrivals. Now that Gossip Girl, the Office, and Parks and Rec are off Netflix (an actual tragedy), I’ve been looking for a new show to play in the background. The most recent show I started watching is Supergirl. So far I’d give it a 6/10 with 50% attention to the story. It seems just dramatic enough with some twists and turns, but generally easy to follow (what problem will Supergirl get into today? What else are we going to learn about her alien species?). Candidly, I usually keep Netflix on in the background for entertainment and I should take up podcasts, but it might be worth actually watching.
  3. Foster Bruno. On New Years Eve, I got a call asking to take in a dog that has been a handful for his current foster and if I’d be willing to trade for Bryce (who was an angel). I accepted knowing it would be a challenge, but also honored they trusted me to manage a dog like this. Bruno arrived on New Years Day. He’s a little stressed and a lot of cuteness. We’re working on some naughty behaviors, but overall he’s a very relaxed dog that is perfectly potty trained and loves pets. 13/10 doggo.
  4. Chuy’s Tex-Mex. (For Non-Texans, Tex-Mex is what the rest of the country would refer to as Mexican food – basically an Americanized version of Mexican food) I don’t always put where I’m eating on these posts because I usually eat at the same couple places. However, I’ve been finding myself craving Chuy’s more frequently and it is worth sharing if you’re ever near one. I’m a big fan of their beef fajita burritos, Mexi-Cobb salad, rice, and beans.
  5. Simple Modern Tumbler. I received a 24 oz simple modern tumbler for Christmas and it has been my most used gift from the holiday. It fits in all cup holders, is a good weight (so doesn’t easily flip over), and I only need to fill it 4 times to get enough water for the day. My only criticisms is that it doesn’t come with a straw cleaner and the straw is plastic instead of metal. But neither of those impact my use much. 9/10 highly recommend.

How has your first week of 2021 been? What have been your big wins? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram.

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