What’s on My Mind 10.17.20

Hello and welcome back to another What’s on My Mind, where I tell you all the things I’ve been thinking about lately. Let’s get into it.

  1. Elections. Early voting has started in Texas and Travis County (where we are) has already had over 70,000 people vote (as of writing this). WILD. I’m planning to go vote with a friend next week when the lines hopefully calm down a little. If you haven’t already checked out the candidates on your ballot, go to vote411.org and you’ll be able to see what will be on your ballot. If you can, vote early and in person.
  2. Backyard Lighting. Every time I have a foster dog, I always end up standing on my back porch waiting for them to do their business in the pure darkness that is my backyard. A neighbor posted in our community group about these motion-sensor solar powered lights. I bought a few and set them up in my back yard. LIFE CHANGING, I TELL YOU. Anytime temporary foster Tuff had to go out, I could see exactly where he was because the yard was just bright enough. 10/10 highly recommend.
  3. Pinterest Mood Boards. I’ve been working on some super fun home decor updates that I am so excited to share. My office and kitchen should be done in the next few weeks and include some fun DIY’s. Pinterest has been one of my biggest places to find ideas and synthesize things into a board. Don’t forget to follow us if you haven’t already!
  4. Among Us. Y’all… I fell into the craze. I’m LOVING Among Us. Among Us is basically a game where you have a group of 4-10 people and 1-3 people are “imposters” who run around a space ship trying to kill everyone without getting caught. I’ve been playing with mostly groups of random people but it has been SO FUN. My neighbors are getting together (virtually) this weekend to play and it’s going to be a good time.
  5. Trader Joe’s Frozen Fried Rice. I’ve been super lazy recently and just haven’t felt like cooking. My boyfriend recommended that I check out some of the frozen foods at Trader Joe’s. I feel like I hit the jackpot because they have so many options that feel much better/higher quality than the TV dinner style meals you’d see at other grocery stores. My current top favorite is the frozen fried rice. Take the bag out of the freezer, put some oil in a pan, re-heat it on the stove, and serve! Easiest lunch ever.

What’s bringing you joy lately? Let us know in the comments!

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