What’s on My Mind 12.12.2020

Hello, good morning! Welcome to another what’s on my mind where I share what’s going on lately. Let’s get into it.

Holiday Home Decor. I’ve been sharing my home decor for Christmas on instagram, but you can find the round up here. I’m in the camp of it’s never too late to decorate for Christmas. Check out some of my home decor ideas in this post.

Buy Nothing Groups. In my process to wrap up 2020, I’ve been doing another big declutter of things in the house. My ultimate goal is to start 2021 with a fresh and renewed space, which means another declutter. Instead of bringing my decluttered items directly to Savers, I posted in my local Buy Nothing Project Facebook Group. The beauty of this process is that my item can go to someone who wants it for free, rather than being sold for a profit. AND I help stop someone from buying something new. Win-win-win for me, them, and the environment.

Calm Offer for American Express. For those who don’t know, Calm is an app that plays calming music/stories for bed. I used up my free trial a few months ago and recently got targeted with an ad from American Express offering a free 1 year subscription to Calm for AmEx card holders (expiring 12/31/2020). I wouldn’t recommend opening a credit card unnecessarily, but if you happen to have an AmEx, this is a nice perk.

Netflix Christmas Movies. I’m not sure why Netflix does it more for me than Hallmark, but they cater to my guilty pleasure better than anyone else. I love Christmas movies. I’ll watch them pretty much any time of year, but obviously December is PRIME time for Christmas movie season. Honorable mentions: The Christmas Prince (series), The Christmas Switch (series), and Holidate.

Foster Bryce. I posted about him when he first arrived, but realized I never properly introduced Bryce to the blog! Bryce is a rescue pup through Gold Ribbon Rescue‘s Turkey Mission, which means he’s an international rescue from Turkey. He’s considered medical needs because of a limp he has from a previous surgery that we’re exploring options for, but he is a GOOD boy. No accidents in the house, generally pretty chill, SUPER cuddly. 10/10 brings joy.

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