What’s on my mind 12.5.2020

blue and gray pom poms spill out of a zinc house

Happy Saturday! I have several favorite times of year, but this time when we’re past Thanksgiving and it’s full-on Christmas season is one of my favorites. I love having the house decorated and having an excuse to stay home and watch movies. I’m going to share a tour our my Christmas decor on Wednesday, but in the meantime here are some other things I’m loving lately:

  • I just ordered this pom pom maker set because I want to make a pom pom garland for my Christmas tree. I’ve been making pom poms since I was a kid by looping yarn around my fingers, but this will help me get all the pom poms to be the same sizes, and will help keep my fingers from getting sore after making a million of them. I’m hoping the garland will go nicely with the upcycled cardboard village I made for the tree.
  • Pinch of Yum’s Spring Roll Bowls with Sweet Garlic Lime Sauce are the newest addition to our dinner recipe rotation. I made them this week and they were so easy, healthy, and delicious! I like that you can customize them with what veggies and protein you add. I used carrots, cabbage, and cucumbers, and cooked some shrimp quickly on the stove to put on top. I may try it with some pan-fried tofu for our vegan dinner nights.
  • I recently bought this mug in the red color from World Market. I used needing a prop for photographing some holiday drink recipes as my excuse, but I really just wanted a Christmas mug. This one is so cheerful, but not too gimmicky and cheesy.
  • Greg and I stumbled on Holiday Home Makeover on Netflix, and it is just joyful. An interior designer nicknamed “Mr. Christmas” decorates people’s houses for Christmas. So fun! And a good source of inspiration.
  • I just finished Majesty, the second book in the American Royals series by Katharine McGee. I love this series and I really hope she keeps writing them. It’s set in an alternate universe where George Washington was a king instead of America’s first president, and it follows his descendants. It’s like Gossip Girl meets The Princess Diaries, and I love it.
  • I made Grandbaby Cakes’ apple pie for Thanksgiving, and I cannot recommend the recipe enough. This is my second year making it, and it is SO GOOD. Her pie crust recipe really does come out perfect. I also came up with a trick for doing a lattice pattern on the top of the pie. I usually have a hard time getting the lattice on the pie without it sliding everywhere. This time around, I made the lattice on a cookie sheet, then froze it. It was easy to flip on the pie as one solid piece! I just had to trim off the excess.

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