What’s on My Mind 2.22.2020

Every week we’re going to share a short list of things that have brought us joy. Hopefully you find something fun or interesting that can bring you joy too! Leave us a comment of things that are bringing you joy lately.

  1. The most comfortable leggings you’ll try.
    After hunting what felt like forever, I finally came across the perfect workout leggings! The black ColorfulKoala on Amazon are easily the best I’ve found. Fit true to size, passes the squat test, SO COMFORTABLE, and affordable. 10/10 will buy again.
  2. The cutest dinosaur night light.
    I saw this dinosaur night light (also comes in Unicorns and Whales) on TikTok and needed it immediately. The way to change colors is by tapping its head and it’s amazing. Definitely brings joy.
  3. The Austin Distance Challenge.
    After watching many friends complete it, I finally decided (and completed) the Austin Distance Challenge! The DC is a series of races consisting of a 5k, 10 mile, 2 half marathons (13.1 miles), and an option for a third half marathon or a full marathon. I had a knee injury from the fall and opted to run the half track. It was painful, but I got it done and I’m SO thrilled.
  4. The best to do list keeper.
    You’ll come to learn more about my obsession with organization and paper planning, but in the meanwhile, my bullet journal (which I do in a Leuchtturm1917) has been AMAZING at keeping me on top of my to do lists. In the meanwhile, learn more about bullet journaling here.
  5. The best organization system.
    One of my big 2020 goals is to spend more time making my house feel more like my home. One of the biggest parts of that has been taking on new organizational projects in my home. Some of the most versatile storage solutions I’ve found have been these acrylic bins. You can find them a number of places (Amazon, The Container Store, etc) but pro tip – Home Goods has some solid deals on things like this!
  6. The best book turned TV series.
    You“. My boyfriend and I started watching it when Season 2 came out and it was only THEN that I learned it was based on a BOOK! I’m not as big of a reader as Erica, but I’ve been enjoying this one (the book and the Netflix show).
  7. The best foster dog.
    I’m currently fostering a sweet golden retriever named Marley. Nothing brings me more joy than coming home to her wagging tail and smiling face. She is easily the sweetest pup I’ve fostered and I’m so excited for her to bring love and happiness to a forever family very soon.
Marley – the sweetest foster dog yet!
Loved this ATX sign at the packet pick up for the 2020 Austin Marathon!

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