What’s On My Mind 2.27.2021

Erica in a purple sweater on her purple stairs

Happy Saturday! The last two weeks have felt like a complete time warp. Amanda and I live in Austin, so we experienced the drama of the winter storms along with the rest of Texas. Greg and I lost power for about 80 hours and had to make emergency plans to keep ourselves and the fur babies warm. Amanda was so kind as to take in our dog, Remy, and Greg and I were able to go with our cat, Celia, to my parents’ house. The whole week was scary and exhausting with concerns for our safety, for other family members’ safety, and worries about burst pipes. We are so thankful to have made it through with our plumbing intact, but we realize how close of a call it was and we will never take running water for granted again.

This week’s What’s on My Mind list are the things that are keeping me sane and helping me get back to some state of normal:

  • I’ve been reading the first two Bridgerton books (The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Loved Me), and they were a great distraction from the stress of the storms. I wouldn’t recommend reading them back to back though because the plots are kind of similar.
  • To my utter amazement, in the past month I have managed to get my husband to utter the words “I like tofu.” I’ve been trying out different tofu bowls in an effort to add more vegetarian meals to our rotation. This recipe for Crunchy Roll Bowls is our new obsession, and Greg even declared it one of his favorite meals. That’s saying a lot because it pits it against the meat meals in our dinner rotation. Pro tip: I adjusted the method for cooking the tofu to bake it like in these burrito bowls rather than pan frying it like the recipe calls for. It’s easier to get it crispy that way.
  • I’ve been trying to find comfy wear-around-the-house-bras and ordered the Juliet and the Paloma bras from Girlfriend collective. They’re nice and comfy, and I love that they’re made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Have you tried the lavender rose lemonade recipe we shared earlier this week?
  • Celia likes to be all cute and flirty and rub up against the corners in our house. It’s adorable until you realize the dirt that builds up on those corners over time. I finally bought some Magic Erasers, and they did the trick for cleaning off the grime.
  • I’ve been looking for a more sustainable loofah situation so I’m not constantly throwing away those fluffy plastic ones. After the sponge I had been using disintegrated, I’m trying this silicone version.
  • I finally finished the necklace stack I’ve been working on! There is a character in The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern who wears a necklace with bee, key, and sword pendants, which represent recurring motifs throughout the book. I loved the imagery in the story, so I made my own necklace stack from Etsy. I’ve shared about the bee and the sword before, and I finally got the key.

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