What’s on My Mind 2.6.2021

Hello! Welcome back to another What’s on My Mind! Let’s jump right into it:

  1. Local Politics. Ever since the summer, I’ve made a concerted effort to keep tabs on what’s happening in local politics. Austin City Council voted to reallocate funding from Austin Police last year and some of the actions from that are starting to come out (like buying a hotel to help house more people who have become homeless, or separating the forensics lab from APD). It makes me feel in tune to the city and I highly recommend doing the same for your community.
  2. NadaMoo. I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before, but I’m mildly lactose intolerant (dairy messes up my stomach just enough that I’m willing to deal with pizza but generally try to avoid dairy). NadaMoo has been THE BEST alternative to ice cream and 10/10 recommend (honorable mention: Dairy Free Ben and Jerry’s).
  3. Foster Bruno Update. I’m so excited to share that Foster Bruno has been matched to a wonderful family! By the time this post is published, he’ll be getting adopted tomorrow! I’m going to miss my buddy, but I’m also so excited for him to find his furever home.
  4. The Bachelor. So I’ve never been one of those people who was super into the Bachelor/the Bachelorette. No particular reason why, I just never started the show. After some mild peer pressure form Erica and one of our work friends, I watched the first two episodes. Here are some unfiltered thoughts:
    – Why are there so many flowers? Like literally every table, the whole front garden, the roses. SO MANY FLOWERS.
    – These women are… SOMETHING. Dildos, underwear, spaghetti, OH MY.
    – Red is a sexy color but is SO unoriginal for the first night. Also so many sequins.
    – How do they walk so well in heels?
    – How do they all keep track of everyone’s names? Am I just bad with names? There are so many women.
  5. Composting. My latest home project has been getting into composting. I’m picking up this compost bin from Amazon and signing up for composting through the City of Austin. For more information about Austin’s composting program, click here. It’s an easy step to going a little greener.

What have y’all been doing lately? I’m hitting a wall with things to do in quarantine. Leave a comment or tag us on instagram with some fun things you’re doing to stay busy.

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