What’s on My Mind 3.21.20

It’s been a stressful week, but let’s talk about what’s bringing me joy.

  1. Social Distancing. The latest hottest social trend! All jokes aside, social distancing is very important right now. The Washington Post made a great set of graphics on how social distancing can impact the spread of COVID-19. Something as simple as staying home really makes an impact. Check them out!
  2. Nintendo Switch (specifically Mario Party and Super Smash Bros). My mom got me a Switch for my birthday last year and it’s great to have. I’ve been able to use it to play games with the select friends I’m visiting in person. And I’ve used the online options to play games with my sister in Boston. She crushes me every time we play Smash, but it still is a lot of fun.
  3. 30 Day Challenges.** With my gym closing, I’ve been getting slowly more anxious about falling out of routines, especially fitness. On Monday evening, I pulled up a few 30 day work out challenges to get through the next couple weeks. I started them Tuesday and already feel much better about getting into a fitness routine.
  4. Buy Nothing Project. One of my neighbors mentioned this on a resource post for my neighborhood. It’s a community that you can join based on your location where you can list things you’re looking to give away and someone in the community can pick it up (and vice versa – post things you need and see if the community can supply it to you). Not only will this allow you to reduce your carbon footprint by looking for something used, but it also allows you to directly give back to your community to help your neighbors do the same!
  5. H-E-B. For those not local to Texas, HEB is our local grocery store (for those from the Northeast: think Stop & Shop or Big Y). During any kind of stressful time in society, one brand that consistently steps up to the plate is H-E-B. In 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, H-E-B was one brand that was reliable in offering resources to the area (food, water, volunteers, etc). Additionally, they take care of their employees. 10/10 will continue to shop there.

** * Note: I am not a health or fitness expert by any means. I took a few classes and have done a lot of research in the types of exercise routines that work for me and speak with several professionals whenever I take on something new. If this is something you choose to take on, I highly recommend speaking to a professional in this area.

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