What’s on my mind 3.28.20

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a good weekend and staying sane so far in the social distancing process. I reached a new level of homebody this week when I worked in actual pajama pants. I my defense, the house was too cold for shorts but too hot for sweatpants. We’re in a weird weather phase in Austin where the nights are cool-ish but the days are passing 80 degrees. It requires multiple costume changes.

I was a little worried about having a full list of things worth sharing this week, but now I realize the disruption to my regular routine is making me notice things more, so here we go:

  1. My family gave me a neon sign from an Etsy shop called TheNeonStudio for Christmas. It was custom-made, so I worked with the shop owner to design the sign and it just arrived this week. It says “perhaps” in pink neon, and I AM OBSESSED. I love how it reminds me of the beginning of a daydream, and Greg really likes it too. If you’re in the market for a neon sign, I highly recommend TheNeonStudio. They do custom signage for businesses, weddings, birthdays…you name it.
  2. I bought these cut resistant gloves from Amazon after reading a review for them on Kitchn. I usually buy cheese in block form when I need it for a recipe and then grate it myself. It started as an attempt to cut down plastic waste, and I think it helps to some degree. I also realized that freshly grated cheese melts better because it doesn’t have the stuff manufacturers put on shredded cheese to keep it from clumping in the package. I’m kind of clumsy with the grater, though, so I ordered these gloves after a few mishaps. So far, so good!
  3. Next on my list is virtual wine nights. Two of my really good friends and I had one last Friday. I must admit, I’m ashamed it took social distancing for me to realize this is an option. One of the friends I hung out with lives in another state, so this is definitely something we should and will be doing more regularly.
  4. I’ve been fascinated by people who use buttercream frosting as paint to paint flowers on cakes. I’ve been saving a bunch of inspiration photos on Pinterest and ordered some palette knives from Amazon so I can hopefully give it a try soon. I’m going to start small with cupcakes, so we’ll see how it goes!
  5. This is cheesy but it’s my post so I’m going to say it-I’m digging hearing from people who read our blog posts and comment, or who connect with us on Instagram. One of the things I’m most hoping to get out this blog is a community of people to connect with and share ideas and inspiration. I’m loving those discussion points!

What are you into this week? Have you made any new discoveries? We love hearing from you, so please leave us a comment here or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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