What’s on My Mind 3.6.2021

Hello and happy Saturday! It’s been a while since my last what’s on my mind because of the big Texas freeze, but I’m glad to be back and better than ever. Let’s catch up!

  1. Housekeepers. I finally found and hired a housekeeper to help with the general maintenance of my house. I’m not sure what it is, but finding the motivation to mop my floors is nearly impossible. They came for the first time this week and my house is SO clean. Absolutely worth the investment.
  2. Spotify Playlists. I did this last year, but creating a Spotify playlist for the year enables me to listen to the same handful of songs I’m skipping to anyway. Want to listen to what I’m listening to? Follow the playlist here.
  3. COVID Vaccines and Wearing Masks. This is the last weekend Texas officially has a mask mandate. In case anyone needs to hear it – please continue to wear a mask. Follow CDC guidelines. Get the vaccine when it’s available to you. Be safe out there y’all!
  4. Smart Water Meter. If you’re in the Austin area and own a home, you can get a rebate for buying a smart water meter which will help detect leaks. This is the one I bought – highly recommend for homeowners as it can help detect leaks before you get your water bill.
  5. The Home Edit Book. It’s no surprise that Erica and I are big fans of the Home Edit. I bought their first book as a guide for a big spring clean and declutter of the house. So far so good. The strategy of pulling everything out of it’s place to declutter and put back is a little alarming at first, but it’s effective. Highly recommend!

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