What’s on My Mind 3.7.2020

Here’s this week’s round up of what’s been on my mind (or what’s bringing me joy). Even though Marley isn’t listed this week, check out the bottom for a photo of her. 😉

  1. Tarka Indian Kitchen. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Indian food. I eat at Tarka pretty much every week and it’s one of my favorite quick/easy places to get something delicious when I don’t feel like cooking (added bonus: they have vegan and vegetarian options – so friendly for most diets!)
  2. MY COUCH. Y’all, bear with me on this. My boyfriend just moved into a new apartment and he has had the hardest time finding a couch that even comes close to how amazing mine is. I’m blessed with a large enough living room that can hold this monstrosity, but it’s amazing. Deep, soft, and a chaise big enough for me and any foster dogs to cuddle on. 10/10 will buy again (but not too soon because it’s expensive).
  3. Muji Gel Pens. It wouldn’t be an Amanda favorites list if I didn’t include some type of stationary item. These specific pens from Muji are my favorite to write with – they’re super fine tip and they write super smoothly. (other honorable mentions: Pilot G2, and these recycled bottle pens)
  4. VOTING. Living in Texas, this past Tuesday was a big day for elections with it being election day for Super Tuesday/party primary elections. If you aren’t registered to vote in your city/county/state, make sure you’re registered to vote! The website linked above has some great information for anyone looking to vote in all the elections going on this year.
  5. Google Calendar. Anyone who knows me knows I live and swear by my google calendar. It keeps me organized and on top of appointments and things I need to get done. Stay tuned for a post on how I use all my planning tools!
  6. Love is Blind on Netflix. I’m not usually a reality TV type person, but I binged Love is Blind SO easily and quickly invested in almost every cast member. Everything about the show is pretty great – the experiment setting, Giannina’s wedding dress, the drama… I really enjoyed it and highly recommend. (Bonus: they have their cast reunion/tell all on YouTube, so once you’ve hit that “oh no I finished a netflix show” woe, there’s more!)
P.S. Obligatory Foster Marley photo – this is a photo of her at the vet’s office (which she hates since she’s terrified of other dogs). She was just happy she didn’t have to get poked and prodded this visit.

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