What’s on My Mind

Hi Friends, welcome back to another What’s on My Mind, where we share what’s bringing us joy lately. Let’s jump into it:

  1. Meal Prepping. Confession: I’m actually a terrible meal-prepper. I plan out meals and try to cook and eat what I’ve cooked, but I don’t always follow it. This past week, I made a super simple one pan dish with chicken and brussels sprouts and it came out great (and I ate it all, big wins).
  2. This Blog. I don’t share Paint the House Pink with a ton of people in my personal life. I’m getting more comfortable sharing personal things, but it takes time. I appreciate everyone following along in our adventures.
  3. Taylor Swift. I’m nowhere NEAR the Swiftie that Erica is, but her re-releases have been super good, and The Man is my low key feminist anthem lately (especially in pointing out the discrepancies in how men and women are expected to act, which I’ve literally had to explain before)
  4. Cats. One of my big adventures coming up is cat sitting for my sister. She got Clemmie and Momo in April of 2020 and I was supposed to meet them when they were tiny kittens but a pandemic got in the way. Now I get to smush their beautiful faces as full grown CATS. I’m so excited.
  5. Games. With things starting to return to a sense of normal, I’ve been enjoying more game nights with friends. Top picks include: Mario Kart on the Switch, Mario Party on the Switch, We’re Not Really Strangers (great for getting to know someone intimately!), Settlers of Catan (a classic), and Risk.

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