What’s On My Mind 4.10.21

two burgers sit on plates on a patio table with a couch and string lights in the background

Happy Saturday! We’ve reached the point in the year where the weather is absolutely gorgeous, so Greg and I try to eat dinner on our back patio as much as possible. The oak pollen and the allergies it gives me put a slight damper on these efforts, but we press on! Here are some other things that have been bringing me joy this week:

  • I made these banh mi burgers from The Modern Proper this week and they were delicious. I am definitely adding them to my grill season rotation. Banh mi is one of my favorite flavor profiles (themes? combinations?).
  • Greg and I started watching Made For Love on HBO Max. It’s a dark comedy/thriller about a woman married to an eccentric tech genius. Her husband has put a chip in her brain that gives him a feed of her sensory experiences and emotions, and she’s trying to get out of the marriage. It’s laugh out loud funny, but also a little disturbing.
  • I am SO EXCITED about Taylor Swift’s Fearless rerelease. Taylor Swift is a year older than me, so I feel like I grew up with her and went through a lot of similar things at the same times as she did. It’s been interesting re-listening to Fearless and thinking about where I am in my life now vs. when it came out when I was in high school. It’s a reminder of how much I feel like I’ve grown.
  • Speaking of Taylor Swift-I just tried this HIIT dance workout by emkfit that’s set to Taylor’s music. It kicked my butt, but it was also a lot of fun. I felt myself smiling at several points while doing it. I want to try emkfit’s Britney Spears workout next.
  • I’ll be spending the entirety of this weekend on my couch, reading the second and third books of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked trilogy. They’re fantasy/romance books about a fae-hunter named Ivy (in this series fae are like vampires with magic powers). I highly recommend them if you’re into authors like Sarah J. Maas.
  • Greg and I got Discovery+, so we’ve been watching HGTV’s Design Star Next Gen and Rock the Block. I’ve been following Carmeon Hamilton for a while, so it was super fun to cheer for her on Design Star. And I’m super impressed by the houses on Rock the Block this year!

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