What’s on My Mind 5.1.2021

Happy Saturday! It’s been a long week with work stuff, but there’s always a few things that help me get by.

  1. The New CDC Guidance for Vaccinated People. In case you hadn’t seen it, the CDC released new guidance around the safest protocols for vaccinated people. If I’m being honest, I don’t see myself doing a ton different just yet, but the more data that comes out, the more reassuring it is. If you haven’t already, get your COVID Vaccine soon (Vaccine Finder).
  2. A New Gym Routine. Candidly, I refrain from sharing too much diet/fitness-wise for a few reasons. What works for me may not work for others, I don’t want to promote diet culture or endorse disordered eating, and I would always recommend listening to a professional over a blogger for the safest ways to approach exercise. That said, I found a gym in Austin that does small group personal training and I’ve been loving it so far. The trainer has 30+ years of experience, multiple degrees, and is a great guy. It’s been great for my mental health and I’m thrilled to be back into a gym (COVID safe).
  3. Cabo Bobs Burritos. If you’re in Austin and haven’t had it, I highly recommend Cabo Bobs. They make a mean burrito. It’s Chipotle-style, where you go down the line to add things as you want. What makes them extra, extra good is that the tortillas they use are fresh (literally pressed/cooked in front of you for your burrito). 10/10 highly recommend.
  4. Aerie Bathing Suits. I’ve been hunting for new bathing suits forever when my sister recommended Aerie. I ordered with low expectations but actually found the perfect summer swim suit. I got this top (runs true to size) with these high waisted bottoms. The thing I love the most about the bottoms is that they’re seamless, so you don’t get the sensation of a seam cutting into your sides if you’re a little bloat-y in it. Also highly recommend.
  5. Traveling. After too many months, I am finally going home to CT to visit my family. The whole family is coming together in May after everyone is fully vaccinated, and I couldn’t be more excited. This is what I’m hoping to be the first trip of many this year. While I think 2021 will be another year off from my international travel goal, I’m looking forward to some adventures this year.

What have you been up to? Where are you planning to travel this year (if you are)? Let us know in the comments!

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