What’s On My Mind 5.22.2021

Erica waters herbs on her backyard plant stand

Hello! It’s the last regular weekend before a long weekend. Lolz. I love Memorial Day weekend. To me it’s the start of summer, and I LOVE summer. I’ve recently decided that I’m basically a lizard because I’m cold everywhere I go so I’m always looking for warmth and sunlight. 100+ degree days in Austin? Bring it.

Here are some things I’m loving right now while I anxiously await the long weekend:

  • I bought a Book Beau so I don’t have to worry about my books getting banged up in my bag when I’m traveling. I got one that’s designed to look like Lady Whistledown’s society papers from Bridgerton.
  • I made this creamy cashew Indian butter paneer from Half Baked Harvest this week, and it was delicious. I think it would also be good if you subbed chicken for the paneer cubes.
  • Chris Loves Julia shared a post this week about staircases and the terminology involved in designing them. I’m definitely an interior design/architecture nerd, so I really appreciated it. Greg and I have talked about wanting to change out the wood hand rail on our staircase to something more modern and metal.
  • I like to try to eat as many colors as I can. A nutritionist friend told me that different nutrients produce different colors in fruits and veggies, so varying the colors you’re eating is a helpful way to get a variety of nutrients. This marinated chickpea and feta salad with spring veggies from The Kitchn covers a bunch of different colors and is delicious. Plus it keeps really well in the fridge, which is always a win in a big salad.
  • I got tired of spending $4 for fresh herbs at the grocery store every time I need a tablespoon of them, so I’m getting serious about my backyard herb garden. Remy wreaks havoc on anything in the ground, so I got this outdoor shelving unit from IKEA to hold the pots. I’m hoping I can keep them alive once the rain stops and the summer heat kicks in!
  • When we were at IKEA I also picked up a bag of Daim candies. I first discovered these when we went to Sweden for our honeymoon. I love that I can get them at IKEA! They’re a perfect combination of sweet and salty caramel.
  • I had a cheap plastic drawer unit in my closet I was trying to phase out. I realized I can get so much more use out of my dresser if I could make better use of the depth of the drawers. I got these bamboo drawer organizers, and they’re great. They have springs in them that hold the tension and make them super easy to slide into place. I’m going to order another set and stack them so I can make the sections of the drawers deeper.
  • If you live in Austin or visit, check out Rec’s Hush Puppy Heaven in Pflugerville. They make a bunch of different kinds of hush puppies, they make them fresh right when you order them, and they’re AMAZING. I got a sampler with one each of mac and cheese, sausage, jalapeño shrimp, and beef with enchilada seasoning. My mom and I were talking to Rec when we were there and he said he also sells them frozen on his website and ships them.

What are you loving right now? Any new favorite recipes? Do you have any TV shows I should check out? We’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below or on social media.

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