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Erica's upstairs hallway opens to an entryway with a frosted globe sputnik chandelier

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m excited to share this week’s What’s On My Mind post because I’ve been working on the first item for, literally, months. Last summer, the chandelier in our stairwell started rattling every time the AC came on (the HVAC is right above that chandelier in the attic). I’m not sure how we made it through the whole summer tolerating the rattling. When we got out of the cold months this spring and the AC started kicking on again in April, we finally decided we needed to deal with the rattling and replace the light fixture.

We ordered a new fixture for the stairwell and our entryway (they’re both visible from the hall upstairs so I felt like they needed to coordinate). Then my vaccine got delayed. Our handyman was busy. One light fixture was defective and needed to be replaced. The handyman didn’t have the right ladder to reach the second fixture, and it was broken in the installation attempt. We finally got an electrician out with the right size ladder to finish the job, and now everything is installed and working, and I absolutely love how they turned out. The new fixtures add a lot more visual interest to the hallway upstairs, and they coordinate really well without matching exactly.

In addition to the lights we ended up installing, I’m also including a roundup of the other lights we considered (don’t worry, I’m excluding the defective one!). I spent hours sorting through globe light options online, so I figured I might as well share the good ones for anyone else who likes this style. There’s also some other random stuff I’m loving this week, so here we go:

  • Here is the sputnik chandelier we ended up going with for the entryway, and here is the 3 light chandelier we bought to coordinate with it in the stairwell. I debated going black or gold with the fixtures, but ultimately decided on black since it would be easier to ensure I could coordinate the color across multiple fixtures. Eventually we’ll add several semi-flush mount lights in the hallways to the mix as well. I didn’t want to risk ending up with multiple shades of gold in the same space.
  • I’ve also added smart light switches in several rooms. We use and love Kasa smart plugs already for lamps with hard-to reach plugs, so we bought Kasa switches for our most used rooms (we have a combo of one-way and three-way switches, as well as a dimmable switch in our bedroom).
  • I finished reading Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston this week and loved it. It’s about the son of America’s first female president falling in love with a prince of England. The love story is beautifully developed, I want all the characters to be my best friends, and the book made me laugh out loud multiple times. I cannot recommend it enough. I’m also excited to read McQuiston’s second novel, One Last Stop.
  • Greg and I saw the Black Widow movie last weekend, and it did not disappoint. Black Widow is my favorite Avenger. I love that she constantly saves the guys’ butts, even though they have super powers and she usually just has her brain, her skills, and her gun.
  • In random small things that amused me this week: this article about how Boomers and Millennials use ellipses differently. It’s reassuring to know my older family members aren’t actually throwing shade when they text me.

That’s all folks! I hope this What’s on My Mind was…illuminating. Ha. Let me know what you’re loving lately, either in the comments below or on social media!

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