What’s on My Mind 7.11.20

How was your week? Low key? Annoying going back to a full week of work after a short week? I feel that. Let’s decompress together over what’s on my mind this week!

  1. My Duolingo streak. I may have mentioned this in the past, but I’ve been learning Spanish on Duolingo so I can more easily communicate with my extended family. I started 5 days into quarantine, so I’ve been social distancing/quarantining for 119 days!
  2. Animal Crossing flowers. I saw a video a few weeks ago about a rainbow flower field in Animal Crossing, so naturally I had to do it. I’m still not sure how to get certain combination of flowers, and my entire island is covered in flowers now, but I’m slowly getting there (will post a video on instagram when it’s done!).
  3. Cinnamon Rolls. I’ve been dying to make cinnamon rolls again. I did early on in quarantine but haven’t really since. Once I make another batch, I’ll post a recipe here.
  4. My Pantry. I recently posted a blog post on how I organized my pantry. I’ve been using the system I set up (especially with decanting snacks) and it continues to be one thing in my kitchen that gives me peace of mind. (And it’s visually appealing, which doesn’t hurt).
  5. Disney+. In case you may not have guessed, I am a huge Hamilton fan. I was THRILLED to hear that it was coming to Disney+ and watched it on release day. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate my Disney+ subscription even more because my boyfriend and I started re-watching the Marvel Avengers movies. Highly recommend for some family-friendly entertainment.
  6. The so you want to talk about… Instagram. In continuing my education on systemic racism, I started following a few different instagram accounts that talk about systemic racism and related topics. This one in particular is one of my favorites because it talks about some complex topics in some simple ways, and their content is extremely sharable (and they post a lot of specific calls to action in their stories). 10/10 would recommend following.
  7. Wearing my mask. I bought a pack of washable masks from Amazon early into quarantine and I’m quite happy I did. The exact ones I purchased aren’t available anymore, but these are pretty similar. Simply put, I wear a mask because I care about protecting people around me. If it turns out that I was an asymptomatic carrier of any virus, wearing a mask would help prevent the spread to other people. Wear your mask when you go out in public.

There you have it! The biggest things on my mind this week. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get notifications of our content and be sure to follow us on instagram!

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