What’s on My Mind 7.25.2020

The end of July is near which means my birthday is almost here! Also, since my last What’s on My Mind, I got a special new guest!

  1. Foster Ollie. If you don’t follow us on instagram, you should; because I posted about my latest foster dog: Ollie! He’s a very sweet 5 year old from a shelter in south Texas. Ollie is a little skittish but we’re working on it, he’s been a pretty happy boy since arriving home. He likes pets (lots of pets), treats, and only pooping on walks.
  2. Slow Feeder Bowls. Ever since Ollie arrived, I noticed he eats weirdly in the sense that he SHOVES food in his mouth and eats pretty quickly. He gets a little gassy afterwards, but doesn’t seem to throw up from it. Despite that, I decided to pick up a slow feeder bowl from Amazon and it’s been working great! The grooves force him to take in his food more gently and eat much slower than he has been, reducing how gassy he is after eating.
  3. Police Budgets. The City of Austin City Manager released the 2020-2021 FY budget. Despite HUNDREDS of calls from Austinites asking city council to defund APD and reallocate that funding to community resources, he really didn’t cut a lot out. This is something I’ve been invested in so I’ve been trying to follow it pretty closely. For some added context on my perspective, I think portions of the APD budget can be reallocated into community programs to help reduce crime. This isn’t a perfect solution to fix systemic racism, but I believe it is a step in the right direction towards healing our community. Austin City Council doesn’t vote until mid-August on the final budget, so there’s still time to shift budgets around.
  4. Pokemon GO. Story behind this: I was SUPER into Pokemon go when it first came out and was over it until the fall of 2018 when my friend got me back into it. After 4 years of playing I finally hit level 40 (the highest level in the game). I told my friend that I would quit as soon as I hit level 40, but I haven’t quite deleted the app off my phone.
  5. Animal Crossing (again). To update you all on my Animal Crossing Flower Field Progress: I’ve finished all of the red, orange, yellow, pink, and white flowers. I need to finish blue, purple, yellow, green, and black. Getting a blue rose is one of the hardest in the game and I have to get 15 to finish that row of flowers. I’ll post a video on instagram when it’s done!
  6. Cinnamon Rolls. I’m adding this to the list because I’ve been working on an amazing cinnamon roll recipe that should be posted soon! (Hopefully by putting it here I’m holding myself accountable by making it public that I’m working on it. It should be posted in the next week in our Recipes section – stay tuned!)

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