What’s On My Mind 7.3.2020

Lemonade tea towel

Happy Fourth of July Eve! I have a long weekend off work this weekend, so I’m using this as a mini summer vacation. I’m probably going to end up reading a lot, and I’m not complaining about it. Here are some summery things I’ve been digging lately:

  1. Since we’ve been cooking so much recently we’re finding we’re constantly running out of clean dish towels. I ordered this set of three dish towels from a shop called Peace + Riot. I love how summery the colors are, and I’m a sucker for dish towels with recipes on them, like the lemonade towel.
  2. I recently discovered the podcast Sooo Many White Guys, where Phoebe Robinson (of Two Dope Queens) interviews guests who (mostly) aren’t white guys. I usually don’t love interview shows because I get tired of hearing the same answers to the same questions from every stop on a celebrity’s press tour, but this show interviews guests I probably wouldn’t hear from 1000 other places so the interviews are really interesting. I always start podcasts from the beginning so I’m currently listening to episodes from 2016, but they still feel poignant and extremely relevant.
  3. Greg and I finally got around to watching Frozen 2. Cue us walking around the house, singing, “Into the unknown. Into the UNKNOWN. INTO THE UNKNOWWWWWWWN.” Also, I absolutely love Olaf.
  4. I have several crocheting projects I’m working on, so I’ve been rewatching the Great British Baking Show. I’ve seen it so many times that I can pay attention to my crocheting and still keep up with what’s happening. I also have a growing list of challenges I want to try. I made the torta settevelli technical challenge a few weekends ago, and it was my first time trying a mirror glaze!
  5. I’m always looking for new vegetarian and vegan recipes to add to my repertoire to try to cut down on the environmental impact of consuming meat. I recently made this Sweet Potato Black-Eyed Pea Curry recipe from Sweet Potato Soul, and it’s definitely getting added to our regular dinner rotation.
  6. I’ve been shopping a lot of smaller businesses and Etsy shops lately. There’s a jewelry artist named Sara Pfau who makes necklaces with pendants shaped like northeastern lakes. My family spent a lot of time in Vermont in the summers when I was a kid, so I bought the Lake Champlain pendant necklace after wanting it for forever.
Lake Champlain pendant necklace

What are your favorite summer finds? Do you have any podcast recs? Do you know of a good source of vegetarian or vegan recipes? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or connect with us on social media!

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