What’s on My Mind

Hi friends, welcome back to another What’s on My Mind. Let’s jump into it:

  1. Dog Training. I visited with family recently and my parents recently got a rescue dog named Stitch. My parents don’t have the foster experience that I do (foster tip posts here), but one of the things I’m remembering is that training your dog, especially a brand new one that isn’t a puppy, can be challenging. I’ve been very lucky with many of my fosters being generally easy to train. Stitch is doing great, but is definitely still settling into his new life.
  2. Refinancing Rates. I posted last summer about my experience exploring refinancing my mortgage, and recently found that rates are still surprisingly low so I’m considering it again. This is one of those things about adulting that people don’t tell you about because it’s kind of mundane while also being a big deal. If I end up going through with it, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.
  3. My 30th Birthday. So I’ve been debating what I want to do for my 30th for basically a whole year. Originally, I was hoping to make it to a bucket list place, but with COVID cases continuing to rise in various parts of the world and the Delta variant, I’m going to hold on that. My sister wants me to visit her in Boston for that weekend, so that may be what I end up doing. Boston recommendations post, anyone?
  4. The next home decor project. I’ve done a few room tours in my house, but I think the next big project room is going to be my guest room. It’s the least used room in the house, and presently more serves as a storage room than anything else. Erica, our resident home decor pro, made me a Pinterest board of pretty much what I want to do with it. I’ll be sure to post about it when the transformation is complete!
  5. The Unhoneymooners. I picked The Unhoneymooners up during one of the Prime Day sales on a whim and honestly, zero regrets. I’m not nearly the avid reader Erica is, but I highly recommend this for anyone intersted in a quick/easy read that’s a little predicable but entertaining. The book is witty, a little hilarious, but also very sweet at the same time.

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