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Erica's current favorite cookbook, "Eating Out Loud," and a Boy Smells brand candle

Happy Saturday! There’s been a lot going on in my world so it’s been a little while since I checked in. Greg and I are prepping for a renovation-more on that in the future. We just finished watching Katie’s season of the bachelorette (and were underwhelmed). I discovered my favorite cauliflower recipe EVER. Let’s get to it:

  • My current favorite cookbook is Eating Out Loud by Erin Grinshpan. I bought it because Half Baked Harvest kept recommending Eden’s pita bread recipe. The pitas are good, but the real showstopper is her recipe for roasted cauliflower with date-parsley gremolata. I made the cauliflower as a part of a dinner spread that included brioche rolls dipped in melted cheese, and the cauliflower is what my friends couldn’t stop raving about. It’s magic.
  • I discovered a painter called EttaVee on Instagram a while back, and I love her work. I just bought these pants from her collaboration with Lucy and Yak. I can’t wait to wear them-they’re pure joy!
  • Greg and I recently finished Loki, and I’ve decided it’s my favorite of the Marvel TV shows. We’re big fans of Doctor Who, so the whole concept of the Time Variance Authority was right up our alley.
  • I’m in the middle of recording a romance themed season of Lit Sh*t, the podcast I cohost, and I needed a break from all the sweetness. I read Valley of the Dolls and really liked it, which is weird because it’s kind of depressing. I think maybe it was kind of cathartic?
  • I know how terrible it is to go around barefoot all the time. I’m well aware of the dangers cause by a lack of arch support. Have I heeded these warnings? No. Until recently. I’ve been going to a physical therapist to sort out some chronic knee pain, and her first recommendation was to always wear shoes with arch support in the house. I started wearing a pair of Chaco flip flops around the house, and I won’t go back. They have made a huge difference! (The physical therapy is helping a lot, too.)
  • I bought a sample collection of Boy Smells candles during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I’m really excited about them. I love floral scents, and this whole sampler has great floral options. So far I’ve been burning Gardener, and I love it.
  • Greg and I also watched Raya and the Last Dragon recently on Disney+. I laughed. I cried. Akwafina voicing the dragon was amazing. Watch this if you want a fun, feel-good movie.
  • I read Lore by Alexandra Bracken this week. Y’all. This book is WILD. It’s like the Hunger Games mixed with Greek mythology. It’s so action-packed that there’s hardly any downtime. The story just spirals deeper and deeper. It was a very fun read.
  • The fall colors Girlfriend Collective just released are so good! I love the Paloma bra, both as an around-the-house bra and as a crop top, so I ordered one in the lilac color.

What are you loving right now? Anything you think I should try-TV shows, books, recipes? We’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below or on social media!

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