What’s on My Mind 9.19.20

Hello, good morning (or afternoon… or evening…) and welcome back to another What’s on My Mind! Here are the things that are bringing me joy lately.

  1. As always, Foster Ollie. We crossed a big milestone this week and he’s finally sleeping in the living room on his own, rather than being crated. We also started a new routine that wipes him out with an extra long walk in the evenings, rather than two shorter walks throughout the day.
  2. Google Tasks. I set up Google Tasks on my Google Calendar as a way of assigning specific projects to myself to get done on a particular day. It was really easy and you can set up recurring tasks! Here are the instructions to install it.
  3. 90 Day Fiancé. If you’re looking for a good trash TV show (or one that can just play in the background), I HIGHLY recommend 90 Day Fiancé. Not only is the base show amazing, the spin-offs are great too. I’m currently re-watching 90 Day: Before the 90 Days as some evening/turn off the brain kind of fun.
  4. Instagram Reels. Even though it’s basically TikTok on Instagram, I’ve been LOVING all the content I’ve been seeing on Instagram reels. We even posted one ourselves! Follow us on Instagram for more Reels in the future (including some featuring Foster Ollie).
  5. Voter Registration Deadlines. In Texas, you have to be registered a MONTH before the election so I’ve been messaging all my friends to make sure they’re registered to vote. Check out a list of voter registration deadlines for your state here. Don’t forget to register to vote and vote this year!
    ADDITIONALLY: Check out the Texas League of Women Voters (for those in Texas) and Vote411 for more information on candidates.
  6. In N Out Burger. My mom’s family is from California and I spent a considerable amount of time there growing up. In N Out is super nostalgic for me and is basically the only fast food I’ll eat. To be honest, at least 30% of my hesitation on moving out of Austin is whether I’d live near an In N Out again.
  7. Coloring. YES – coloring. I got a coloring book from Barnes and Noble with inspirational quotes and this set of colored pencils and let me tell you, I am an artist. It’s been a great stress relief, 10/10 highly recommend.

There you have it – the things that are bringing me joy lately. Leave us a comment with things that are bringing you joy lately. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with the latest Paint the House Pink content!

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