What’s on My Mind

Hello friends and welcome back to another What’s on My Mind! Featuring: something new on TV, and some fun exciting life updates.

  1. Loki. Similar to WandaVision, Marvel has just released the first episode of the new Loki series. I watched the first episode, and without giving spoilers, I’ll just say it’s really good. Highly recommend if you’ve seen the other marvel movies (especially Endgame). Marvel is really crushing it with the content this year.
  2. Drinking Water. I saw a TikTok the other day that talked about people who carry their water bottles with them everywhere and it hit me that I am absolutely one of those people. My favorite one is my UConn Nalgene (Go Huskies!), I wash it and use it pretty much every single day. Now I have a new name for it: my emotional support water bottle.
  3. Gold Ribbon Rescue. I haven’t had a foster dog in a while (from my own volition, there’s always a little heartbreak every time a dog goes to their forever home). So lately, my volunteer work has been focused on skills-based functions: organization, planning, fundraising, etc. Right now we’re running an auction for a golden retriever themed calendar and seeing all the photos of the dogs come in constantly warms my heart.
  4. New Airline Policies. In case you hadn’t heard, Delta recently announced that they got rid of change fees, making their policy similar to Southwest’s. You can change your flight at any time and just pay the fare difference (or get the difference credited to you in Delta eCredit). Delta is the airline I usually fly because they have my ideal flight plan when I visit home (arrive early afternoon, leave early evening), so this change in particular is really great for me.
  5. I joined a gym! After a month of easing back into working out, I took the plunge by joining a regular gym this week. I’ve only been a few times at this point, but I’m enjoying it so far!

What have y’all been up to lately? Let us know in the comments!

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